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  • New York City | 06.04.12

    New York City | 06.04.12

    I had already moved away from New York. 

    But one never really leaves New York. It's part of you. They say you can take the boy out of (blah blah) but you can't take the (blah blah) of of the boy. Sure. Whatever. Replace blah blah with New York and it's true. 

    I spent 6, bordering on 7 solid years of my life working at nublu. There's no place like it, anywhere in the world. This is another fact. Where New York is a melting pot of people, nublu is a melting pot of music. They've created genres... trip-hopanova, electro acid jazz, Danish delicious (I think this is a real genre). If you know the band Brazlian Girls, you know what I mean. They started at nublu, and feature a drummer from Kansas, a bassist from Santa Cruz, and keyboardist from Argentina and a female lead singer from Germany and Italy and France who speaks 7 (maybe more) languages... often all in the same song. 

    To say this place affected me would be an understatement. This place helped me become who I am. My love for music and New York... in many ways summed up in nublu. 

    Wax Poetic is the first band that came out of the place started by Turkish/Swedish jazz hero, Ilhan Ersahin. I captured this moment while nublu made a rare apperance in the daylight, in a different setting. This was the glitterati of NYC, inviting the honest underbelly up to their rooftop (The Standard). Night was falling and the tunes were just starting to swirl.