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  • San Francisco | 10.12.14

    San Francisco | 10.12.14

    The Blue Angels.

    Sounded like a band to me. I've shot The Black Angels, and they're pretty good. The Blue Angels... oh wow. I just moved to the Bay Area last year. Michelle has been going with her family to see the air show put on by the daring F/A-18 Hornet pilots who break the sound barrier hurling themselves across the sky directly at each other in perfect precision. I was "interested" to see it, but while watching, I felt the same awe as the 10 year old boys surrounding me. 

    Where did they go? And then... BWWOOOOOOOSH. The sky erupts and everyone jumps as 4 Angels play peek-a-boo with the crowd gathered below and dazzle like a Grucci fireworks display, lighting up the daytime sky. 

    Some say it's just saber rattling and a not-so-masked recruiting tool for the US Navy. If the crowd was any indication, I don't think I'll be seeing any of the same faces at the Treasure Island Music Festival tomorrow. To me, this was more in line with Cirque Du Soleil than Be All You Can Be. Dedication. Daring. Practice. Execution. Proof that Art and War sometimes collide.