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  • Acton, MA | 10.31.12

    Acton, MA | 10.31.12

    My favorite season is Fall in the Northeast. 

    The weather turns crisp, the leaves burst with warm color. You put on a sweater and take a rejuvinating walk. Ahhhhhh. Now that I'm in California, it makes me just a little sad to think that I'm missing the fall feeling. 

    My cousin Brett lives in the suburbs of Boston with his Dutch wife, Nicole, and two little beasts, Alex and Max. Actually, they call me Cousin Beast, because I've pretty much been attacking them every time I've seen them since birth. They survive each "beasting" and now I have to start worrying as they get bigger. Those flailing limbs pack more punch. 

    I captured this moment almost two years ago, while visiting my cousin. Alex invited me to come see his school Halloween Parade. The only Halloween Parade I've ever been to had half naked devils riding a giant cupcake down 6th Ave. This one was a pleastant surprise. Alex went as a cop. Hmmmm, maybe his costume would have also worked on 6th Ave.