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  • Pine Mountain Lake | 08.14.14

    Pine Mountain Lake | 08.14.14

    Hidden gems. A few still exist. Places that you can't believe more people don't know about, yet that fact only adds to the perfection.

    Michelle's family has been coming to Pine Mountain Lake for years. It's just past Groveland, CA - a place best know for forrest fires and being the last town on the way to Yosemite. I hear land is cheap, and the local economy is nonexistant. There's tourism, but no Hyatt, or even a Best Western. Just one creaky old hotel in town, next to the local market and pizza joint. It's down home. It's honest. And it's touched by the paintbrush of the heavens. 

    I've seen sunset in Hawaii. In Nepal. In Utah. In NYC during Manhattanhenge. I'll take a PML sunset over all. On any given night, odds are the sky will turn pink, then red, then purple, before cobalt blue. 

    I caught this image while drifting on a boat, the evening sharply silent. These birds swooped overhead in formation. As if nature wasn't already in perfect alignment.