Everyone has a story.

The question is, how to tell it. Cavemen had wall paintings. The pen led to generations of writers using words to affect emotion. Our grandparents listened to voices on the radio before motion picture invented a new language. Today, we share stories via screens we hold in our pockets. 

Thirty-One Squirrel is the production entity of director Wayne Price. Founded in Brooklyn, NY way back in 2008, we have made our name telling stories of all shapes and sizes. There is no longer a box. We've made feature films. Now our features have bonus features. And play in segments, as a series. As the box becomes a circle, so does our thought process. There is no template or one-size-fits-all in our bag of tricks. We're all about custom fits.

You may know us from stories of rock stars. But we also work with brands, young and old. And we make them rock stars. Because honestly, who doesn't want to rock?

With an elite network of award-winning production talent spread across the globe, there is no project too big, nor too small. Nor too far-fetched. Bring. It. On. We've rolled with Oscar-nominee DPs and RC helicopters onto cruise ships. We're equally comfortable as a one (or two)-man show. Big, small, tablet or phone. Your screen is our canvas. 

Let's paint.